《Subtle Imitation of the Lotus Essence Scripture》 (四季出版社)
《Subtle Imitation of the Lotus Essence Scripture》 (四季出版社)
书名------《Subtle Imitation of the Lotus Essence Scripture》
苏知海  译.
I found Buddhism works useful in relieving nervous when tackling daily troubles, especially when I got entangled and felt the pressure. I would take a piece of Buddhism works in traditional Chinese prose style, for it is concise, vivid, more original. Most often, after reading for a while, the problem can be put aside temporarily. That’s why I favored Buddhism classics.
The book that I presented here was of a different style. It contained short stories of various characters; they evolved around Buddha, or related to Buddha; their stories will leave an impression of Buddha’s life—he lived more than two thousand years ago.
By my own understanding, Buddhism concerned much about life experience, especially about hardships and difficulties. I am a novice in translation, most of the passage were interpreted literally; however, for verses parts, I was unable to keep to its original.
As my life experience, English level, and knowledge of Buddhism were limited. In this book, there must be lots of mistakes in it. Please don’t hesitate to point it out.
I would like to thank you for your interest in the book. Spreading Buddhism ideas itself would accumulate feats and its achievement was more than bestowing; this was repeatedly emphasized in various Buddhism works.

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